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Channing Carruyo is a native to Sarasota County with a lifetime of ties to the community. After she graduated from Venice High and began furthering her education at SCF, she watched many of her peers leave the area. She wanted to stay in the community that raised her and find a way to serve the residents in a way that helps to promote youth, vitality, and fun in a traditionally older demographic. With that spirit in mind, Events by Channing was born. As she and her incredibly supportive husband Saimco began to formulate a business plan, Channing was shocked at the outrageous pricing for services like those she wanted to offer. She found that the average price to book a photobooth for a party in the southwest and central Florida areas is generally $700 to $800 or more!
Reflecting on her own teenage years and those of her classmates, Channing knew how important certain milestones such as sweet 16 birthday parties, quinceaneras, bar and bat mitzvahs, proms, graduations, and beyond really are. These events create memories that one carries close to their heart throughout life. This, combined with her experience as a bride on a budget, seeing firsthand the difficulty of creating a special day without breaking the bank, Channing formulated her plan and carved her niche. She vowed that regardless whether the event is a wedding, a birthday, a milestone celebration, or even just an awesome holiday party, price should not be a prohibitive factor when planning your special day.


Why Choose Us

When considering why you should choose Events by Channing, the answer is simple but twofold. First and foremost, at Events by Channing, your special day is priority one. What you are hoping for, dreaming of, and envisioning for your event will be our focus. We are here for one purpose: to help you and your special guests create laughter, magic, and memories that will never be forgotten at a price that your budget can accommodate. The second reason that Events by Channing should be your go-to events specialist is that you will be supporting a young entrepreneur and a local small business, and today more than ever, community matters! We promise you will not be disappointed!

Listen From Our Clients

"Channing was incredible to work with start to finish! She has a beautiful photobooth that we used at my wedding. She answered all of our question, she was extremely friendly with everyone, she made sure that everything was perfect!”
Ashley N
photobooth customer
“Thank you so much! Your photobooth was our whole party. It was better than what we even imagined. My daughters friends loved it!”
Nikki Q
photobooth customer
“She is extremely professional and seems to enjoy what she does. She had a smile on her face the whole time. She even dressed nicely to match the event unlike a lot of other vendors who wear jeans and a t-shirt to a formal business event”
Dr. Chris
photobooth customer
“She is an amazing photographer! She did our engagement pictures and our wedding pictures!”
“I hired Channing to do my sisters maternity picture, they turned out to be absolutely beautiful!! She is very sweet And makes sure that you are comfortable”
“She did my family photoshoot when she was just starting out! I just need to say, they were at a professional level from the start! WOW!”
“My husband and I had a very last minute wedding, but we still wanted the big perfect wedding experience. We hired channing as our wedding planner last year and she planned our whole wedding in about 2 months. It was absolutely perfect! We had about 100 guests and it was a traditional church wedding with a reception after. She managed to get the venue, photographers, catering, decorations, DJ, cake, tables and chairs, invitations... all in just 2 months! She was also very reasonable with her prices! I highly recommend”
Ryan and Christa
wedding planning

Let's save amazing memories together.

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